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If you’re looking for help to grow your show, you’ve come to the right place. It’s important to give yourself the best chance for success and Quill freelancers have the experience to assist you in taking your podcast to the next level.

Spend more time doing what you love and let our experienced and vetted freelancers help you make your show an even bigger hit!

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Growth Marketing

There are over 900,000 podcasts for listeners to choose from. Make sure that you’re maximizing reach through effective marketing and promotion.

Kattie L.
Consultation and growth marketing
Starting at $100

Show Audits

Have an expert run a content, technical, and promotional audit on your show to identify areas for improvement and growth.

Steph A.
Podcast audits and growth strategy
Starting at $660

Audio Editing

One of the most common reasons people stop listening to a new show is poor audio quality. Get a debrief on best practices and DIY, or hire someone to take care of the editing. This will help ensure a consistent experience for your listeners.

Eloisa M.
Audio editing, mixing, and mastering
Starting at $129

Podcast Website

A website for your podcast doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with a simple landing page and use it to attract traffic from search engines and engage your new listeners.

Nicole M.
Website design and SEO
Starting at $350

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What Our Customers Say

"I Highly recommending Quill for your podcasting needs. BetaKit was able to source quality production talent that we’re now using for multiple projects. Reliability is key and Quill delivered."

Douglas Soltys
Douglas Soltys
The Black Swan

"If you're looking for a high quality, reliable and curated platform Quill is the way to go. I used their freelancers for full service podcast creation and they exceeded my expectations. Quill has the credibility and experience at a very competitive price. They helped bring our vision to life – and provided exceptional value to the project. Highly recommend!"

Conrad Page
Conrad Page

"The Quill platform made it surprisingly simply to find independent professionals ready to help me start my podcast. The team I selected are true professionals, who knew how to take a rookie like me and make me seem like a pro right out of the gate. I look forward to continuing our journey building the podcast together, with the help of Quill."

“I’ve had a great experience finding help for my show through Quill. The freelancers I’ve worked with have been extremely knowledgeable and have gone above and beyond to support my listener growth. I’d recommend anyone looking for podcasting support to give Quill a try!”

Jenna Medina
Jenna Medina
Booty and Business

"As newbies to the podcasting world we are so grateful to have found Steph on the Quill platform. I didn't have to spend my time researching people and trying to vet them, Quill did all that work for me. We went from an amateur hobby, to having a clear strategy and better overall quality for our listeners in just over a month. They helped us with everything from audio editing and equipment recommendations to social media and content. Our only regret is not working with Quill and Steph's team sooner!"

Laura Gabor
Laura Gabor

"Quill was fantastic to work with.  Fatima responded to my inquiry right away and had already listened to my podcast before we spoke.  She was excellent at distilling what my goals were with the podcast and connecting me with the right people to execute.  I highly recommend for any podcaster who is looking to take their podcast to the next level."

Zale Mednick
Zale Mednick

"I've worked with various production teams over the years and you only realize the difference when you meet a team like Quill. From finding the right guests to the small tweaks in audio and editing a podcast can go from pretty good to great. I'm so proud of what The Marketer's Journey has become and credit Fatima and team for helping us take a massive forward step this season."


Quills freelancers will help with:

Audio editing

Website Design

Cover art & logo design


Social media management

Scripting & copywriting


Growth marketing

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