Dr. Death

Laura Beil
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Podcast Description:
Dr. Death

The title says it all - this podcast chronicles the journey of an incompetent doctor who leaves a trail of destruction in his path.

Podcast Review

November 16, 2019

We all have some assumptions about healthcare: that doctors are there to help us, that they’re trained - and take an oath - to do no wrong. The podcast turns that on its head, and will also upend your opinion of hospitals as institutions that are supposed to protect patients, not enable incompetence.

This podcast chronicles the destructive medical career of Christopher Duntsch, who somehow made it through medical school and was able to maim four patients and kill two others before finally being exposed. You’ll have two consistent thoughts while listening to this podcast, and they’ll both be screaming inside your head: how could one doctor be so incompetent and callous about human life? And how could the medical system enable him for so long and do NOTHING even after knowing about his egregious malpractice?

This podcast grips you from the beginning, and will have you reading about the case long after the final episode.

Podcast Critic:
Erin Bury

Erin Bury is the co-founder and CEO at estate planning platform Willful. She’s a podcast enthusiast who listens to at least an hour of podcasts a day, & who has never met a crime podcast she didn’t like.