Marvel’s Wolverine: The Long Night (Season 1) and The Lost Road (Season 2)

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Marvel’s Wolverine: The Long Night (Season 1) and The Lost Road (Season 2)

Presented like an old-timey radio drama, this story of the mysterious stranger known only as Logan moves from a creepy town in the interior of Alaska to the forbidding depths of Louisiana’s bayou as our protagonist struggles to discover the truth of his past and the evil forces pursuing him.

Podcast Review

March 22, 2020

The production team at Stitcher pulled out all the stops tobring us this long-form audio drama surrounding a difficult time in the life ofMarvel comics crankiest Canadian mutant, Wolverine (you are likely familiarwith him as portrayed by Aussie actor Hugh Jackman over the course of 2 decadesand 9 films).

Written by talented comics scribe Benjamin Percy somenoteworthy voice talent including Richard Armitage (The Hobbit films) as the title character, Bob Balaban (The Life Aquatic, Best in Show) in season 1 and Blair Brown (Orange is the NewBlack) help bring the story to life as Logan proves that, even when you canonly hear what he’s doing, he’s still the very best there is at it.  Especially when it’s not very nice.

Interestingly, the first season in particular in structuredmore like a Whodunit police procedural as a couple of FBI agents arrive in aremote Alaskan town where there has been a mysterious series of attacks by somekind of clawed…animal?  The show takesit’s time letting you get to know the various inhabitants of the town of Burnsand, inevitably, discover that not all is as it may first appear.

Worthwhile noting (via Wikipedia):

“In 2018, Apple namedit as one of the "Best Podcasts of the Year" while being in their Top25 Most Downloaded Podcasts of the Year and Top 25 Most Downloaded New Podcastsof the Year.[12] Duringthe 2019 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards, it won the Best ScriptedPodcast.[13]

The second season picks up some time after the first endsand follows Logan on the trail of his missing former lover Maureen in NewOrleans, but it’s not long before the larger struggles of mutants and humansonce again waylay him from him mission.

Essential first listen: Wolverine:The Long Night. Season 1, Episode 1. A Thousand Ways to Die in Alaska.

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