The Business of Life

Jann Arden and Arlene Dickinson
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Podcast Description:
The Business of Life

A lifestyle podcast co-hosted by Arlene Dickinson, of CBC’s Dragons’ Den, and Jan Arden, Canadian musician

Podcast Review

November 9, 2019

There is no doubt that powerful businesswomen such as Jan and Arlene have experienced immense demand associated with success and fame. Their combined experiences could certainly make for compelling discussion on a variety of topics associated with the intersection of business and life (per the title of the podcast). Unfortunately, the pair fail to reach any substantial, actionable conclusions within their discussions as a result of the tangential nature of each episode. Although the topics, including family, love, sex, business and friendships are certainly of interest, most banter is quite scattered and difficult to follow.

Podcast Critic:
Emma Harris

Emma Harris is the former Founder of Healthy Pets, the first Canadian application designed to connect pet owners with reliable digital veterinary care. She now serves as Head of Business Development for Pawzy, a marketplace designed to connect pet parents with the best pet healthcare advice and services. She resides in Burlington, Ontario with her husband, two dogs and cat. Emma can be reached at